Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zumbro 100 Ultramarathon Race Report

My first finish at a 100!


To give a little perspective let's start 40 months ago.  When in an effort to replace other bad habits, I turned to running.  At the time I was in pretty bad shape being overweight and such.  However, I needed an outlet and this was to be it so I would head to the YMCA with my soon to be wife 3-4x a week and crank out 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Not knowing anything about running, I would usually run this as hard as I could, putting myself on the verge of a heart-attack.  And when that 30 mins would cross on the screen I would collapse and be amazed that such a crazy effort only burned like 600 calories (which I would promptly replace @ the Wendy's dollar menu immediately after).

However, this is where the passion began.  On those dreadmill's at the Madison West Y.  A few months later I decided I would sign up for my first race ever.  What did I pick?

The Kettle Moraine 100K Ultramarathon!

That is a story of it's own, but let's say with great difficulty a VERY under-trained still out of shape person endured a lot of pain yet finished.

Since then I have attempted the Hundo distance twice before Zumbro.  Once at Kettle and another time at Superior.  Both ended in Failure.

But at the 2011 Zumbro 100 I finally met my goal.  I finished in 28:59.  Good enough for 5th place out of 25 people.  I made a ton of rookie errors.  A few that almost cost me my race.  I learned that some aide station volunteers have hearts made of literal gold.  And that a pacer is man's best friend in 100 mile races.

Zumbro was a terrific race, with terrific people and this year it even had terrific weather.  I thank the race director and all the volunteers (all 50 of you) for making this happen.

I look forward to returning next year where I plan to race it, instead of just finish it!

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